My name is Phil Rosen. I’m a Hong Kong-American writer and currently a senior reporter for Business Insider.

I’m the author of the #1 bestselling short story collection, Life Between Moments: New York Stories, as well as the #1 bestselling travel memoir, Everywhere But Home: Life Overseas as Told by a Travel Blogger, which details my time living in Southeast Asia.

Besides filling the archives of this website, I’ve reported for Business Insider, Fortune Magazine, BuzzFeed News, GreenBiz, US-China Today, Annenberg Media, and the Thousand Oaks Acorn, among other outlets, as well as several online fiction magazines.

I’m also the writer behind Tip Jar, a weekly personal growth column on work, happiness, and productivity. It lands in over 1,600 inboxes every Monday morning — sign up for free here.

I’m currently offering readers my productivity e-book, “Five Ways to (Actually) Optimize Your Life and Win.” It’s a concise, mighty manual of the best tactics I’ve learned from reading hundreds of self-help books. Get your copy today.

You can connect with me on Instagram and Twitter, or send me an email at

And here’s a video feature USC Annenberg made about my travels in Southeast Asia and my first book.


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